Teacher Induction for Effectiveness and Retention - T.I.E.R.
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Other Important Information

T.I.E.R. provides an instructional support system for teachers NEW to the profession.

For new educators who have successfully completed student-teaching and hold a Professional Certificate:

  • T.I.E.R. Mentors provide support for the first two semesters, or one school-year

  • Does not have to complete a CDC portfolio (Competencies met in college)

For the Alternative Certification (ACE)- seeking new educators:

  • T.I.E.R. Mentors will provide support for the duration of the three- year temporary certification.

  • Must complete a CDC portfolio demonstrating State required competencies

  • District will determine which teachers qualify for TIER.

Coaching Responsibilities

  • The new educator’s support is weekly through a school-based T.I.E.R. Mentor along with monthly support meetings facilitated by the T.I.E.R. School Liaison. (File Maker Pro)

  • T.I.E.R. is designed to be unique to each school, but is research-based with norms of inquiry and trust supporting new educators in building their craft.

  • T.I.E.R Mentors provide individual and differentiated support with classroom management, instructional strategies, lesson content and design as well as formative assessment feedback for instructional effectiveness.

  • T.I.E.R. Liaisons add support with school-wide initiatives, state and district information, school-norms and organizational culture.

  • T.I.E.R. Mentors and Liaisons submit monthly evidence of support to the site-based Administrator and District Coaching and Induction Supervisors for additional feedback and reflection.

  • Evidence via Filemaker Pro must be completed by the end of each month. Liaison will verify on the first day of the new month. District will check and close out each month during the first week of the new month. Once the month is closed there IS NO going back. So make sure you meet these deadlines.

  • Submitting the monthly evidence is the responsibility of the TIER mentor. Stipends are based on supporting timely documentation.

District Personnel

Dr. Bernadine E. Dorantes
Supervisor, Coaching and Induction
Office of School Performance & Accountability
3531 Davie Road
Davie, Florida 33314

Deborah Porter
Alternative Certification(ACE)
Talent Development

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