Learning Goals:

  • analyze the effect of point of view in a story

  • determine the tone of an excerpt from a short story

  • analyze the effect of a writer's use of vivid verbs and specific nouns in a text

  • determine how a writer's use of figurative language helps to reveal character and tone in a text

  • analyze the writer's craft

Word of the Week: disingenuous (adj) insincere; false; hypocritical

Quote of the Week: "Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Essential Question: How does mental state affect thought processes and perspective?


Warm Up: Week 11 Day 3
Tone and Mood Analysis


Warm Up: Week 11 Day 4
Author's Craft


Warm Up: Week 11 Day 5
Evaluating the Narrator


Warm Up: Week Check
Vocabulary Review


Tell Tale Heart Test