Quote Of the Week: "The price of greatness is responsibility." ~Winston Churchill

Word of the Week: prosaic (adj) ordinary; commonplace; mundane.

Essential Question: How much influence does fate have on a person’s life? How important is it to understand a Universal Theme?

Target Learning Goals:

  • cite textual evidence

  • determine the theme of a text

  • examine how dialog and incidents propel action

  • analyze differences in point of view

  • conduct short research projects

  • gather relevant information from multiple sources

  • use context clues to determine meaning

  • determine and analyze a universal theme and to analyze foreshadowing in a short story.

Warm Up: Week 15 Day 1
Third Read: Monkey's Paw
Groups share - Participation Grade

Warm Up: Week 15 Day 2
Infrastructure Trial Test (First Period Only)

Stamina Practice - Week 1

Monkey's Paw Poster Project Assigned - Due March 28
  • Plot/Character/Conflict/Foreshadowing should be completed by 3/1
  • Suspense/Irony/Theme should be completed by 3/14
  • Creative Writing should be completed by 3/24

  • Project should be assembled and turned in no later than 3/28
One grade will be deducted for each day the assignment is late

Monkey's Paw Test