Quote Of the Week: "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can do for themselves." Abraham Lincoln

Word of the Week: redact (verb) edit text, censor or obscure part of a text for legal or security purposes

Essential Question: How much influence does fate have on a person’s life? How important is it to understand a Universal Theme?

Target Learning Goals:

  1. cite textual evidence

  2. determine the theme of a text

  3. examine how dialog and incidents propel action

  4. analyze differences in point of view

  5. conduct short research projects

  6. gather relevant information from multiple sources

  7. use context clues to determine meaning

  8. determine and analyze a universal theme and to analyze foreshadowing in a short story.


Finish Monkey's Paw Test

Warm Up: Week 15 Day 4 - 5


Warm Up: Week 16 Day 1

Text Structure 5 & 6 Check

Vocabulary Quizlet - Frederick Douglas


Patterns of Organization Practice

Frederick Douglas - K-W-L-Q

Stamina #1 Review and data chat


Read and discuss Frederick Douglas pp.143 - 147

Objective Summary - Frederick Douglas


Propaganda and Persuasive Techniques