Quote Of the Week: "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can do for themselves." Abraham Lincoln

Word of the Week: redact (verb) edit text, censor or obscure part of a text for legal or security purposes

Essential Question: Why are education and slavery incompatible?

Target Learning Goals:

  • cite textual evidence

  • determine the theme of a text

  • examine how dialog and incidents propel action

  • analyze differences in point of view

  • conduct short research projects

  • gather relevant information from multiple sources

  • use context clues to determine meaning

  • determine and analyze a universal theme and to analyze foreshadowing in a short story.

Monday _ No School


Warm Up: Week 16 Day 4

Frederick Douglass

Discuss essential question


Stamina #2

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Propaganda & Persuasive Techniques


Practice Test #2