Upcoming dates:

Thursday: Early Release; Open House at 6:00 pm

Target Learning Goals:

  1. Cite textual evidence

  2. Determine a theme or central idea; summarize

  3. Analyze how dialog propels action and reveals character

  4. Analyze the impact of specific word choice on tone and meaning

  5. Use context clues to determine the meaning of words

  6. Verify word meanings using a dictionary

Essential Question: Why do people migrate to other countries?

Quote Of the Week: "Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect of other cultures." ~Cesar Chavez

Words of the Week: commingle (verb) to mix together


  • Warm Up: Week 2 Day 1

  • Cursive: Upper case and writing proper nouns

  • Close Read "My Favorite Chaperone"


  • Warm Up: Week 2 Day 2

  • Partner Activity:

    Plot Diagram of "My Favorite Chaperone"


  • Warm Up: Week 2 Day 3

  • Characterization: TALES

(Thoughts- Action- Looks- Effect on Others- Speech)


  • Warm Up: Week 2 Day 4

  • Literary Devices Handouts/selective highlighting

  • Using RACE to answer open-ended questions


  • Warm Up:Week 2 Day 5

  • Check Weekly Warm Ups

  • Review for Selection Assessment: "My Favorite Chaperone"