Flag of Haiti
Flag of Haiti
Map Of Haiti
Map Of Haiti

Map of the Caribbean
Map of the Caribbean

RIF: Key Ideas and Details

Target Learning Goals:

  1. Cite textual evidence

  2. Determine a theme or central idea; summarize

  3. Analyze how dialog propels action and reveals character

  4. Analyze the impact of specific word choice on tone and meaning

  5. Use context clues to determine the meaning of words

  6. Verify word meanings using a dictionary

Word of the Week: pusillanimous: lacking courage; faint hearted; cowardly

Quote of the Week:

"Survival is a matter of how you respond to change." Charles Darwin

Monday 10/10

  • Warm Up: Week 5 Day 1

  • Complete KWL (Haiti)

  • Point of View (Narrative Perspective) - Open Notes

Tuesday 10/11
  • Warm Up: Week 5 Day 2

  • Irony Review/Practice

Wednesday 10/12

No School

Thursday 10/13

  • Warm Up: Week 5 Day 3 and 4

  • Practice using RACE to answer open-ended questions

  • Types of Characters Practice

Friday 10/14

"Bonne Année” Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Warm Up: Week 5 Day 5
Warm Up Check