Things to Know About Our Class...

pi-collections.jpgCollections, our course textbook, offers high-quality literature selections supported by skills instruction and practice that address the Florida Common Core Standards.

fcat_explorer_logo.gifFlorida Achieves is a Florida Department of Education website offering online mini-assessments that support the idea that students and teacher success must be a continuous effort. Florida Achieves may be accessed from home.

rablogo.gif**Reading Across Broward** is the Superintendent’s Reading Motivational Project created to motivate Broward students to incorporate reading into their daily lives, foster a lifelong habit of reading and library use, and utilize technology to improve student achievement while promoting reading. Students are required to have a personal reading book with them at all times.


Book Talks and Literature Circles allow students the opportunity to discuss with classmates books they have read, heard, or discovered as they focus their attention on enjoyable and informative print.

Reading Logs are assigned every week to help develop your love of reading and boost your reading and comprehension skills. The books you read are your choice and the reading is done independently. Unless otherwise instructed, reading logs are due each Monday, at which time the new one will be distributed. It is important to note that activities on reading logs will change from time to time to address new reading skills and avoid repetition..


Work Folders help students to organize notes, examples, and have an informational source for quick reference. Students are expected to have and use their folders for class every day. Parents, please check your student's class folder daily.

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"Make-Up Work" Binder is used to record daily assignments and class activities. Students are required to check this binder to identify assignments missed due to absences or other reasons.

Student Planners are a great tool to ensure a successful, organized, and productive school year. Parents, please encourage your student to use their planners daily.